Orvieto is one of the most evocative, memorable, and enjoyable hill towns of central Italy. one hour from Rome, Orvieto sits majestically above the valley floor on top of a “tuff” of volcanic rock, which overlooks a Umbrian countryside dotted with cypress trees. A visit here will reward you with an enchanting world, perfectly preserved, and highlighted by some of the best wines of Italy, a cathedral color-inside-and-out.

Famous throughout the world, the Duomo of Orvieto has been celebrated throughout the centuries by artists, writers and ordinary mortals. All directions will amaze you with his bold and slender proportions – a indubitabile hymn to the desire for the infinite and ascent to heaven – and its wonderful and charming uniqueness, that defies simplistic style classification.

Another of the aspects that make it Orvieto unique and exceptional is the Orvieto Underground; a maze of caves hidden in the silent darkness of the cliff. The particular geological nature of the volcanic rock allowed the ancient inhabitants to dig caves, over the course of about 2500 years, an incredible number of cavities that stretch, overlap, intersect below the modern urban fabric. They are a valuable reservoir of historical and archeological sites, only recently studied systematically and scientifically. If the “superficial” aspect of the city has changed with the passage of time, the underground structures that were functional have remained, for the most part, intact. The guided tour of “Orvieto Underground” is therefore the most appropriate tool to get in touch with this new, very special cultural aspect of a city extremely rich in history and artistic “jewels”. Step by step mysterious and fascinating echoes tell of Etruscan Velzna. It is an extraordinary journey through time, an exciting and easy in the heart of Orvieto.

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