The center of great archaeological importance, Chiusi is also famous abroad for the splendid Etruscan remains that have come to light in all its territory. Numerous excavations have led to the establishment of the National Etruscan Museum, which displays unique artifacts. The fortunes and splendor of Chiusi continued also into Roman and Lombard times until after the twelfth century. Besides the aforementioned Archaeological Museum, a visit the Etruscan tombs of the Pilgrim and the Lion is deserved; the Cathedral Museum, which contains a valuable collection of Benedictine illuminated manuscripts; the Cathedral of San Secondiano, the VI sec., which is the oldest church in Tuscany; the Museo della Cattedrale and Santa Caterina. Recently opened to the public is the so-called Labyrinth of King Porsenna – a path that winds through the underground passages of the Etruscan age – that crosses the subsoil of Chiusi and leads to a monumental cistern.