Bolsena Lake and its Surroundings

In half an hour you can reach Bolsena lake, the largest volcanic lake in Europe.

Bolsena, the beautiful town that has given the name to the lake, is well known by pilgrims who for centuries have passed through from the north to Rome on preferential Via Francigena, which was identified by Siena with the Via Cassia, already covered by earlier Longobardi. The most important monument of Bolsena is the Basilica of Santa Cristina the burial site of Cristina, martyr in the fourth century. The monument consists of the Basilica from the Middle Ages, the New Chapel of the Miracle and the Cave of Santa Cristina with the Catacomb. Also worth visiting is the Castle of Bolsena (also known as La Rocca Monaldeschi), overlooking the village from the top which has an interesting museum of local lake. Everywhere you look today, Bolsena offers the characteristic appearance of a small medieval village.

In the Bolsena lake there are two beautiful islands, Bisentina and Martana. The Island Bisentina is connected to the town of Capodimonte, an ancient village of Bolsena lake, with an efficient motorboat service, equipped with a tour guide. The boat trip provides the only circumnavigation of Bisentina island (Isola Martana included) to admire the almost untouched nature composed of dense forests of oak and the beautiful scenery. Capodimonte has a well-equipped port for sailboats and motorboats that, along with the beautiful beach and area rich in history, is a source of attraction for intense summer tourism.

Marta is a quaint fishing village and active main port of Bolsena lake. It rises to 314 meters above sea level on the south shore of the largest volcanic lake in Italy, 23 km from Viterbo. A discreet medieval village with narrow streets and squares, perched around the Clock Tower, a quiet lakeside shaded by plane trees, ideal for relaxing walks, a long beach and a marina which gives shelter to small boats as well as the fishing boats. It is known for good food, wine and DOC Cannaiola for “Barabbata”, beautiful and charming folk festival. A set that make Marta a pleasant place to discover and visit.

The town of Montefiascone owes its fame, in addition to history and an enviable position, to the production and trade in the excellent and famous wine Est!Est!!Est!!! and extra virgin olive oil. A popular culinary destination, as evidenced by the many restaurants and trattorias. In August, there is an important wine fair, with exhibition and sale of the best products of the whole district, as the local “Est!East!East!”, The Aleatico of Gradoli or warbler Marta. During the fair there are various events, including “In Cantina with Defuk” gastronomic journey in the old cellars, shows and evening concerts outdoors and a historical parade, which commemorates the legend of the Est!Est!!Est!!!.